5 Performers to Look Out for at Lollapalooza

Ian Hansen

Lollapalooza has already kicked off 2022 with a hot start, with festivals in Argentina, Chile, and more to come in Stockholm and Paris. Recently, they just revealed their lineup for the main event at Grant Park in Chicago with superstars such as Dua Lipa, J. Cole, and Doja Cat headlining. But what about the small text names towards the bottom you may not be familiar with? Here are five underrated artists to look out for this year.


Most kids at age 15 are going to school just to come home, maybe do homework, and play video games. Meanwhile, Prentiss is going to make his debut at Lollapalooza. He is a genre-bending, unique, and very talented artist who is ahead of his time. His blend of pop, hip hop, and hyperpop will surely bring for an amazing live performance.

Last Dinosaurs

If you want the absolute perfect summer vibes, Last Dinosaurs will be the ideal listen early in the day at Lollapalooza. The Australian Indie-Rock band brings an atmosphere that is unforgettable with raw vocals that shine through relaxing melodies and guitar riffs that will have you jumping at the festival.


If you like artists that go bar-for-bar with phenomenal energy, Redveil will be a perfect stop for you early in the day. Be ready for mosh-pits, booming basslines, and an interactive experience with the underrated prodigy. His impeccable flows, unique production, and clever bars will be an unforgettable experience.


If you want to hear summer vibes that will transform to mosh-pit galore in a blink of an eye, the new hyperpop star ericdoa will be the perfect pit-stop at Lollapalooza. He has vibrant vocals that blend insanely well with distorted basslines. His versatility will shine on stage as he can also slow things down on songs such as, “fantasize.” It will be an engaging performance and his first Lollapalooza ever so the energy will be unmatched.


Let’s go more of a relaxing route with the extremely talented, Rosie. She is on her first full-length tour with Chelsea Cutler so come Lollapalooza, she will have the experience to put on a legendary performance. Her music presents an atmosphere that will do nothing but make you smile which is the whole point of Lollapalooza. She will be a great start to the day she performs and is definitely worth checking out.

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