9 Songs with Under 100K Streams You Need to Hear

Timothy Weber

There’s a lot of music out there, and some songs don’t get the attention they deserve. These are my 9 picks for the best songs that haven’t cracked 100k streams on Spotify yet.

1) "Sharlene" – Hong Kong Boyfriend

Hong Kong Boyfriend is without a doubt one of the most exciting artists coming out of LA right now. “Sharlene” comes as the highly anticipated third release from the up and coming artist. Though hard to pin Hong Kong Boyfriend in a single genre, fans of pop, rnb and rap are all not going to want to miss this one. “Sharlene” just dropped this yesterday, so you’re still early on this one.

2) "THE FRIEND SPACE" – Ryan Woods

Ryan Woods is one of the biggest names emerging in indie pop currently and his new single, “THE FRIEND SPACE,” is an absolute slapper. Woods is clearly set for the big stage and people are taking notice as “THE FRIEND SPACE” sits at about 90,000 streams currently. Overall it is just sonically pleasing and well written, there isn’t many buttons Woods doesn’t hit on this one – check it out before this song’s on the moon.

3) "FACELIFT" – Noah Jack

Noah Jack is one of music’s best kept secrets. His sound is fresh, energetic, exciting and you can’t really find it anywhere else. With the help of some Spotify editorials such as Teardrop and Fresh Finds, "FACELIFT" currently sits at 39,000 streams, but it’s destined for so much more. For fans of alt rap, anti pop, and hyperpop – Noah Jack is a can’t miss artist and one you’ll be seeing much more of in the future.

4) "BONES" – Elroy

Elroy finds his sound in angsty vocals and hyper production – and for fans of Aries and Brakence, he’s the perfect new artist to throw into their playlists. “BONES” has amassed 81,000 streams on Spotify, fitting in with a pretty consistent and impressive catalogue thus far. Similar to Noah, Elroy serves as a token for what direction music is heading production-wise, and how it’s being adapted into a sound that can find itself center stage in the alt-rap and anti-pop scene.

5) "Brainless" – dev soter

dev soter’s “Brainless” is fun, groovy, and everything you’re looking for in a summer bop. With gorgeous falsetto’s over a sticky bass and psychedelic guitar, “Brainless” falls super easy on the ears. dev is a brand new face to the indie pop scene and “Brainless” already finds itself at 81,000 streams – a clear sign for what’s to come. For fans of Omar Apollo and Dominic Fike, dev is a must to throw in your rotation.

6) "Bozo bozo bozo" – underscores

“Bozo bozo bozo” comes as the third track on underscores cutting-edge new project fishmonger. Currently sitting at 47,000 streams, simply put, not enough people have heard this track yet. With the quality of this record however, there’s no doubt it will continue to rack up numbers. underscores take on hyperpop is fresh and super unique – “Bozo bozo bozo” throws together crazy harmonies and melodies over complex production, yet feels easily digestible and fun. It’s a recipe that’s served underscores well so far, and surely will continue to do so.

7) "See You Later" – EKKSTACY

“See You Later” isn’t EKKSTACY’s latest release, nor is it his biggest, but it is under 100,000 streams, and that in itself should be a crime. EKKSTACY is quickly carving out his own sound in the indie space, and it’s becoming more clear every release that there’s nothing stopping him from becoming the melancholic face of indie music for years to come. Influenced by acts such as The Drums and Bon Iver, EKKSTACY provides a modern twist on a sound that’s been collecting tears for some time now. “See You Later” currently sits at 22,000 Spotify streams, and I am prescribing a mandatory full catalogue dive on EKKSTACY no matter your preferred genre.

8) "I MISS 2007" – poptropicaslutz!

The merging of pop punk and rap is not necessarily new, but nobody’s doing it like poptropicaslutz! “I MISS 2007” wastes no time before throwing you into an infectious post-hardcore inspired hook that feels like it was teleported from 2007. Throw this together with energetic, aggressive and angsty rap oriented verses and you find yourself with a sound that feels like the perfect blend of two of music’s biggest genre’s. “I MISS 2007” holds 20,000 streams, but feels like an absolute anthem you’d hear on the radio. Fans of Poorstacy and Kennyhoopla are going to want to hop on this one early before a huge uptick in streams.

"Smile" – midwxst, glaive

Two of the most exciting names in the hyperpop space and sitting at 74,000 Spotify streams – this is a no brainer. There’s been a lot of speculation of whether hyperpop will find itself in the mainstream, and you really don’t have to look further than these two to get your answer. The energy of this song is unmatched and it feels like you’re listening to the forefront of the future of music. For music lovers that want to really dive into hyperpop and see what the hype is about, “Smile” is the perfect song to get introduced to.

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