Aaron Taos Has Too Much Fun Stuck in Love in New Single “Ain’t Over You”

Seba Cowsill

Aaron Taos is nothing if not fun, lovable, and catchy. In his newest single “Ain’t Over You," featuring equally talented musician Hadji Gaviota, there’s no difference here. If anything, it’s one of the best representations of why we love him most. With fun indie melodies, catchy guitars, and cute bridges, this song will have you stuck in love with it, just like it’s supposed to.

The song also features great writing, something that’s a given with Aaron Taos' work. This song in particular perfectly narrates the craze that comes with being stuck in love with someone, wishing with everything that you weren’t. Not only that, but it describes everything that comes with it: drinking, blocking on socials, and of course, writing a song about it. It’s witty, fun, and a downright hilarious tongue in cheek delivery on such a crushing, relatable feeling.

What really has me head over heels for this song though is the visuals, directed by Pierce Pyrzenski. While the track is playing, a captivating story is being told of Aaron going to see Hadji, his therapist, to confess this all to him. He dances and sings around on his way there while pouring his heart out. The acting on Aaron’s part does a great job playing into everything that makes the track great. The wit, banter, and fun are all just dialed to 11. It’s almost like he’s having fun being stuck in love, while still going crazy. Historical almost. This is a concept Hadji Gaviota also does a great job of playing into when his verse comes, playing the other side of the story, yet carrying just as much energy and wit into the chorus sections.

The song and accompanying video are truly something to experience. They’re incredibly funny, enjoyable, and relatable. While poking fun and having a ball with the “Ain’t Over You” concept, none of the quality, experience, or sound is sacrificed. It’s something to listen to, and definitely something to watch. I’m only left on the edge of my seat to find out where the “TO BE CONTINUED” ending message will lead to next.

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