Adanna Duru Is Back with 'NAPPY HOUR II' [EP Review]

Milly Wensley

If you’re not familiar with Adanna Duru, I genuinely don’t know how you’ve missed her. 2023 proved to be widely successful for Adanna marking the release of her debut EP NAPPY HOUR with popular singles such as “POP” and “ur a bitch.” Adanna has also found large success in social media using TikTok and Instagram to make comical music-centered short-form videos often reaching virality. Adanna is simply an icon, her music is fresh and exciting, her personality is constantly shining through her content, and I am thrilled to be reviewing her latest EP NAPPY HOUR II.

Starting off strong with “if i was a boy ;)” Adanna pokes fun at modern male stereotypes that women often have to deal with. Referencing how men act in relationships “If I was a boy I’d never post my girl, I’d tell her she’s my world then I’d go and fuck with her over there”. The leading track fell more into a pop soundscape while second song “Put It Down” plays with a more afrocentric production. “Put It Down” also features Nigerian R&B/Hip-Hop artist Mannywellz, together the two bring a sultry, suave vibe to this soft yet rhythmic tune. Next track “CAROUSEL!” gave some strong SZA vibes, the vocals and lyricism were very aligned with her style on “SOS.” Adanna’s versatility truly shines through on this EP.

Moving into the second half of the EP on track “The Way” Adanna slows things down and lets her vocals carry her over a gentle guitar. The genuine story telling and emotion on this track feels like we’re getting a glimpse of a deeper side of Adanna. Next track “shawty...” has a bouncy upbeat intricate production, it’s quick and fun. Closing out the tape we have “Say Ah” slowing it down once again. This track is also a bit more vulnerable, Adanna sings gracefully of a love interest who’s hit her soft spot.

All in all I’m happy to see the “NAPPY HOUR” series continue on so strongly. These EP’s NAPPY HOUR and NAPPY HOUR II serve as an introduction to Adanna. We get to see the deeper emotional side on some tracks while embracing her lightheartedness and comical ability on others. Adanna has made a wonderful first impression on myself and many other alike. If you haven’t had the chance to delve into her NAPPY HOUR series I hope you’re convinced!

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