AG Club Tease Fans of What’s to Come with "Loosie" and Music Video

Freddie Fine

In perhaps the greatest surprise possible, AG Club posted a music video of a new song to their YouTube late on Wednesday, January 12. One of the group members, Jody Fontaine, described it as “sum f*ckaround sh*t,” but one listen in and you’ll realize it sounds far from it. 

The Bay Area group is known for their boisterous sounds over groovy, unique beats, and “Mr. Put It On” certainly ticks all those boxes. Reminiscent of “Ay, G,” one of their earlier releases (and one of my personal favorites), it contains a hook that pops in your face and sure to be ringing throughout your head all day. The quick hits of synth line the beat, which is produced by Isaac Rose and Jody Fontaine, while the group’s two performers, Jody and Baby Boy, pop with energy throughout. Jody’s usual boastful bars take the lead, encapsulated by the lines, “Come over here get a hit of this cool shit / Come over here get a hit of this / Punk rock punk rock punk rock,” while Baby Boy’s change of pace sets off the track with a perfect outro. 

The video, titled, sum sh*t we shot @ the crib is so much more than that. It mainly features Jody rapping into a magnifying glass with some incredible editing, while interspersed clips of him, Baby Boy, and Ivan Collaco rocking out are displayed throughout. 30 seconds in, the video is interrupted, showing an awkward interaction between Jody, who is being filmed with his pants down in the middle of the street, and a nearby homeowner, who doesn’t approve. Jody comes up with the excuse that he is a youth pastor and “demonstrating, like, the terrors of sagging your pants.” The whole video is the perfect example of the group's fun-loving energy, part of what draws so many listeners to them.

Although the song isn’t out on streaming, you’ll certainly want to be revisiting YouTube to put it on. Keep an eye out for what the group has coming up this year, I have a feeling it’s going to be something special.

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