Aldae Hits Gold with “Long Way From Texas”

Nate Fenningdorf

If you need a new song to blast while driving alone at night, look no further than Aldae’s debut single “Long Way From Texas.” The piano-driven song features an emotional vocal performance and polished production that make the listen incredibly impactful.

With lyrics that touch on the negative mental consequences that can arise when living far from home, Aldae masterfully uses these hard-hitting lyrics to deliver a relatable message. Further, the song has very minimal percussive aspects, yet the song is extremely engaging due to the “ear candy” hidden within the track.

With this new drop, Aldae is likely going to see a massive rise in monthly listeners on Spotify as this is the first song he has released onto the streaming service. Although this is Aldae's first drop, the flawless end product shows the limitless ability of the rising artist. Stream the new song from the link below:

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