aldn and midwxst Want to Live "happy ever after"

Perry Avgerinos

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the hard to ignore hyperpop scene if you've been in touch with the new wave of gen z music. Two of the genre's budding stars, aldn and midwxst combine forces for a melodic journey where they live "happy ever after," the title of their new addicting single.

Coming off of a mere viral campaign from previous single "glitter" (currently over 2 million streams on Spotify), aldn continues to showcase his songwriting abilities and convincing vocal tone, all over his electrifying, self-produced beats. "happy ever after," feels like it belongs as the outro of a Mario soundtrack, as catchy as a nursery rhyme, intertwining new wave distorted sound design, with pretty instrumentation – and a chorus that sounds like a dozen Toad's singing beautifully in harmony. midwxst, who brings a more hip-hop influence to his hyperpop sound, graces the second verse, showing a more melodic singing side to his talents, matching aldn's pace and energy perfectly.

I understand hyperpop isn't for everyone, but if you're new to the sound and are looking for something that is digestible and less in-your-face, then "happy ever after," is an ideal gateway into the scene. With shows back in action, you'll be bale to catch aldn and midwxst both perform live later this summer/fall. For now, enjoy "happy every after" below.

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