Watch Ále Araya Transcend in New Video for “Endless Sky”

Kieran Kohorst

The Ále Araya cinematic universe is varied in its themes and esteemed in its conception, a vast collection of visuals that offer unique perspective on the settings of her illustrious recordings. And when the music is as encapsulating as it proves once again to be on her recent project, In Visions, there should be no doubt her concepts will deliver on their potential. In the newly released video for “Endless Sky,” a track featuring greek from In Visions, Araya navigates through the song’s sentiment with grace.

In a press release, Araya offered a statement to further explain the video’s significance: "I wanted the imagery in the video to reflect the natural stages of grief and even find beauty in it. I hope it inspires others to reflect on our reality & our existence as deeply spiritual and emotional beings on earth. The way time moves, how it feels to have a brain that is constantly trying to decipher between past present and future, the nuanced uncomfortable parts about being human. Grief is our body transitioning out of our attachments of the past, letting go and moving into the present where things change and people pass. A direct result of trauma & grief I’ve experienced is something called dissociation , which to me feels exactly like the scenes in the dark room. Watching my life play like a movie and banging at the screen wondering if I can ever be present again. In the point before acceptance grief can feel like getting shot down out of the blue endless sky with an arrow, bleeding out on the ground. However, in the end I make sure to always find beauty, somehow even after getting shot down I'm still singing, still dancing, still admiring the flowers and smelling them too. The beautiful thing about loss is that it means we loved. To make art is the ability to turn every experience into something beautiful regardless of good or bad."

The profound depth expressed in Araya’s words translate effortlessly to all aspects of her music and art. With each release, her messages become more complex and layered, presented and performed by Araya with unimpeded purpose. In Visions is only the latest chapter in a long history of spellbinding music to her name, and “Endless Sky” continues this lineage of ethereal productions from one of music’s most heartfelt obscurists. 

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