Alicia Creti Delivers Breathtaking Performance on "You Ain’t Shit"

Through her new song “You Ain’t Shit,” Alicia Creti has made it clear that she’s here to stay. The song showcases Creti’s incredible ability to fuse different genres of music together flawlessly as derivatives of R&B, pop, and soul music are present throughout the song.

“You Ain’t Shit” features a passionate, grand vocal performance that makes the first listen of the song truly breathtaking. Through Creti’s wide vocal range and incomparable vocal runs, she has separated herself from any other upcoming act as an artist whose voice is non replicable.

While listeners take in the incredible performance in the first 40 seconds of the song, energy slowly builds towards the memorable chorus that holds a pleasantly familiar vocal melody that brings the perfect singable element to the song.

Coming off the release of her impressive debut single “Congratulations,” which has over 500k streams on Spotify, the rising artist will continue to grow her audience through “You Ain’t Shit.” Creti currently has 73k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has been featured on numerous editorial playlists on the platform.

Although Creti has only dropped two songs, her potential is clear. Keep Alicia Creti on your radar, she will undoubtedly continue to pick up momentum through 2022. Stream the new song from the link below:

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