Alix Page Shares Tearful Truths With New Track, “Pulling Teeth”

Kieran Kohorst

Torture, as it is understood, is never to be desired. To be at someone’s will, forced to withstand their punishment is a realistic representation of anyone’s hell. In a subtly masochistic fashion, some torture is self-induced, rather a projection of internal emotions interpreted as abuse. Unique in its nature, Alix Page is able to capture this dynamic thanks to her incredibly mature perspective and subsequent writing style. Her latest single, “Pulling Teeth,” cleverly manipulates the saying to allow Page flexibility in her relationship to the pain she alludes to.

Initially she is looking to spare her partner from the pain of loving her, a task that she views as difficult either through her own insecurity or the shortcoming of the relationship. As the song concludes, she turns the table and finds herself definitive in her commitment: “I could leave today but I’d rather be pulling teeth.” Known as an exemplary writer from her past work, Page continues to innovate her style and outlook each time we hear from her. Still present in the track is the imagery characteristic of an Alix Page track, illuminating her surroundings to cleverly narrate her emotions as well.

While newly released on September 16, “Pulling Teeth” likely sounds familiar for anyone who has been keeping tabs on Page this year. A live version of the track was included in her February project in which she recorded songs at Audiotree, “Pulling Teeth” being the only unreleased song included. Page has also performed the song at shows this year, including in her opening set on Gracie Abrams’ headlining tour. A music video accompanied the song’s release, starring Page and Mark McKenna, who is credited as the track’s producer.

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