Allen Haley Explodes onto The Scene with “Taken Back”

When I stumbled across Allen Haley’s TikTok in early September, 2021, I immediately knew he was going to blow up. His music, swagger and the belief that he had in himself instantly struck a note with me. Now, after he dropped his debut single “Taken Back,” everything he forecasted would happen in his music career, happened.

In four days, “Taken Back” racked up over 102k streams and launched Haley to 51k monthly listeners on Spotify. The song was also featured on some of Spotify’s most prominent playlists like New Music Friday, Dopamine and Varsity Bars. Further, Haley appeared on Genius’s New Music Friday playlist and has been highlighted on numerous music blogs. Allen Haley accurately predicted that he would find success in 2022. TikToks from 2021 show the warranted confidence he had in himself well before he started to gain large-scale momentum.

“My success is inevitable. Be able to say you saw an artist grow from nothing and come for my ride,” he said on TikTok. Watching Haley’s meteoric rise over the past 5 months has been insane as he spoke it into existence for the world to see. You are going to want to join in on the ride as he continues to climb through the industry, breaking new milestones everyday. Keep your eyes on Allen Haley, he will be one of the biggest names in music.

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