Living in Color: Examining Life’s Journey with Anaïs Cardot’s Newest Single, “Colors”

Erica Wei

In her newly released single, “Colors,”  Anaïs Cardot beautifully reflects on how fulfilling life can be with a contemplative and vulnerable heart. Spending summers in Paris, Cardot sets the scene singing in French: “When I’m next to you, the sky loses colors.” Undeniably romantic, the color of the sky can’t compare to being adorned by the person she loves. Love heals but it also reveals. She candidly shares, “The fear of love from others branches further into a fear of self love,” which she presumes is what prevents her from accepting love elsewhere. And thus, begins her journey of introspection and growth. By embracing the process, she challenges her listeners to do the same and love the imperfect versions of themselves fighting for happiness or self-love. Cardot’s openness in her lack of self-love shows how empowering this acknowledgement and acceptance can be.

In 2021, Cardot’s openness to her journey following heartbreak, brought her to LA to collaborate with producers, Anoop D’Souza and Rob Aragon. Cardot’s story shows how the path of self-love comes from unexpected and serendipitous sources. Embracing the journey, Cardot builds self-love through the exploration of her musicality and story by way of her supportive creative community in LA. Born & raised in Gabon until the age of 17 where storytelling is everything, she wants her listeners to find themselves in her story. By sharing a moment in time where she was finding herself, she wants others to acknowledge that you can’t always be good. 

Cardot’s flawless vocal execution, refreshing melodies, and orchestral-like production style are inspired by the classic vocalists and musicians of her childhood like Ella Fitzgerald or Joao Gilberto. With co-signs from PJ Morton, Masego, and Jazmine Sullivan, I am incredibly excited for Anaïs Cardot. In summer 2023, Cardot plans to release Pink Magnolia, her debut EP. I am in love with Cardot’s piercingly pure and vulnerable voice; I hope you are too!

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