Paige Garabito's “Another Song About Money” Is Anything but [Premiere]

Audrey Brandes

Paige Garabito’s “Another Song About Money” feels like a complete blackout. I swear that the minute the track ends, it’s as if you are snapped out of some hypnotic trance. The pitched vocals, the flowing beats, the mesmerizing harmonies – they all come together to take the listener to another dimension. As the track subtly faded out, I had to take a second to look around and realize I was sitting at my desk, not the fantastical realm that Garabito’s voice and production took me.

The track itself opens with dream-like reverberating guitar strums, with Garabito’s silky voice entering alongside jolting beats – almost jarring, yet satisfying. Softly singing, “I been working for you, I been doing this all for you, I been working for you, I fucking adore you,” it becomes evidently clear that this song is not what it’s name implies. Instead, it seems to be a track about proving yourself to someone – a desperate attempt to win them over. And it conjures those feelings of desperation, of utter longing in a way that many other artists attempt to, but can’t quite. The voice, the theme, the instrumentals, and the production all come together in harmony, making for a track I could listen to repeat for hours. Seriously, it’s that good. This track, with its unassuming title, is not just another song about money. In my humble opinion, it’s a masterpiece. Stream “Another Song About Money” here:

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