Anti Da Menace Proves He's Up Next With New Release, “Blood Boy”

Coming off the release of his mixtape, Legend, Anti Da Menace dropped one of his most impressive songs to date in "Blood Boy." With raw lyricism, explosive energy, and boisterous vocals, the new track is perfect bump on full volume when you want to feel like you're the main character.

Starting with an eerie piano loop, there is an immediate engaging nature of  the track that draws listeners in. Following this, the Atlanta, GA musician bursts onto the track rapping, “Blood boy, I want some blood blood blood / I want some blood boy.” From there, booming 808’s, creative storytelling and polished vocals combine to create a masterpiece of a song.

At only 17 years old, Anti Da Menace has already reached incredible heights in the music industry. From getting a nod from Atlanta, GA superstar Lil Baby to amassing millions of streams across streaming platforms, the rising artist has gained large-scale notoriety due to his larger than life personality and captivating music.

Further, Anti Da Menace has already had a resounding impact on the underground music scene in Atlanta, GA. In the past three decades, the city has had many power players in the hip-hop scene, but out of all these well-known figures, Anti is the first in a long time to represent the Westside of Atlanta. His hold and influence on the music scene and wider community in Atlanta is undeniable.

In the next few months, expect Anti Da Menace to keep applying pressure as he continues to climb through the music industry.

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