Apple Music Announces Their Concert Live-Stream Series

Olive Soki

Many debates are left unsettled with no objective conclusion. Do fruits belong on pizza? Does the milk go before or after the cereal? Which is better, Spotify, or Apple Music? All valid questions guaranteed to spark up the most passionate discourse. While it is difficult to make a definitive case for the first two, Apple is working on their next move to tally more points on your pros and cons list as they announce their new concert streaming series, Apple Music Live.

Offering a new and immersive musical experience to their subscribers, and a bigger platform to performers, Apple Music Live will allow users to stream live shows from the comfort of their own home. Launching May 20th, the first episode, One Night Only ft. Harry Styles, will celebrate the pop-stars third studio album set to come out the same day. The show will be available to stream at 9pm ET ( 6pm PT). However, due to the conglomerate's global reach, there will also be encores available to watch on both May 21st and 26st.

Joining the live performance streaming pool currently populated by YouTube and Hulu, this expansion will likely help Apple Music standout from its competition.

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