Ari Elkins to Host Spotify’s New Series, “Soundtrack Your Day”

Nate Fenningdorf

Ari Elkins, a well-known music curator and content creator, will host Spotify’s new live series “Soundtrack Your Day.” Each Monday at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Elkins will be joined by different guests who will propose — and debate about — songs to add to a uniquely themed Spotify playlist. The series will also feature interviews with guests and a fan Q&A period.

Elkins, a recent graduate of The University of Michigan, started his career in the music industry working as an on-campus marketer for a major record label. But when COVID-19 sent students across the country home, the LA-native turned to TikTok to start publicly sharing his music recommendations. From there, Ari’s account exploded, gaining over 1.8 million followers and tens of millions of likes.

With an infectious personality — and incredibly good taste in music — Ari Elkins has become one of the leading music curators in the industry. He has revolutionized the way in which music journalism operates, and will continue shaking things up with his new job as host of Spotify’s “Soundtrack Your Day.”

Tune into the first episode of the series today. Elkins will be joined by Quinn XCII, Ashe, and Connor Wood. You can watch the event live through the Spotify or Spotify Live app.

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