Aries Announces 'Wunderworld Fest' in Hometown, Day of Upcoming Album Release

Perry Avgerinos

After the recent announcement of his forthcoming 2022 world tour, Aries also announced his inaugural Wunderworld Fest, set for November 12th, the day of his upcoming album release, BELIEVE IN ME, WHO BELIEVES IN YOU.

The festival will take place in his hometown, Santa Ana, California, with a lineup featuring tobi lou, brakence, Deb Never, SSGKobe, Tom The Mail Man, and Ramzoid. Aries has been red hot over the past couple of months, with singles, "KIDS ON MOLLY" and "ONE PUNCH," already sitting at 5 million and 2 million streams on Spotify, setting the bar high for his latest album. After finally seeing Aries live at his headlining Overcast n Friends show in Philly last month, trust me when I say Aries is worth any hoops to jump through in order to see him perform.

You can get tickets for his Wunderworld Fest here and tickets for his 2022 world tour here.

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