Aries Fans Count Down Days Until Long Awaited "Wunderworld" Launch

Perry Avgerinos

Whether you're new to the creative genius that is Aries, or a longtime fan, you've likely heard or seen the term "WUNDERWORLD." But what exactly is WUNDERWORLD?

The term has mainly been used as his own label on Spotify, but it's been speculated to be a world Aries has been creating most similar to Travis Scott's Astroworld. In an interview with Complex, Aries clears the air, and reveals his intentions with the term.

"WUNDERWORLD is the world I'm trying to create. It's everything that isn't Aries I would say, like my merch. It's still connected to me because it's me pulling the strings and painting the picture, but it's not me at the same time. I want to develop merch and do cool stuff over there that doesn't have to be entirely attached to Aries. And WUNDERWORLD stands for Wonderful Underworld."

With the announcement of the launch on his verified WUNDERWORLD Instagram account (already culminating over 18k followers), Aries teased a string of posts with a website link, which has a countdown to March 31st at 12PM PST, the official launch date. Based off the aforementioned interview, my best guess is merch is coming. WUNDERWORLD hasn't even launched yet, and I anticipate it becoming a successful brand of its own – and whether he sticks to solely merch, or perhaps a WUNDERWORLD festival some day, fans are excited for it.

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