ASTN Proves Second Is the Best In New Single, "What's It Gonna Take"

Dylan Gore

ASTN’s new single is not for the weak of heart. The 22 year old Florida native just dropped a beautifully sad single, “What’s It Gonna Take," and on the first listen, I was immediately put into a trance, finding myself at a loss for words. His unique vocal quality and soothing tones make you feel comfort in the pain that comes with heartbreak – letting you know you are not alone, even when it might feel like it.

After getting a chance to speak with ASTN he said, “I’m sure everyone’s been in the position of being a second choice,” and called this song one of his proudest creations. I couldn’t agree more. Along with the single, he and his team immediately dropped a breathtaking video directed by Olivia Shapiro via Cesar Alamo. There is no doubt ASTN will be a name we hear about for a long time to come. He even hinted at an EP in the near future, but for now buckle up and take a ride with ASTN in his new video below!

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