Audrey Mika Drops First Single in Two Years, with "satuRday"

Perry Avgerinos

With her first single in two years, Audrey Mika makes her return with the new track “satuRday.” The new Audrey reveals she’s been working hard in her time away to create music with the same playful energy fans are used to, and authentic storytelling true to who Audrey is at this current moment, catching fans up on her personal growth.

As explained in the caption of her recent Instagram post, “it’s been a long hard 2 years of self discovery, self growth, lots of hard work, & taking space away from everything so i can create the best songs for you. i’m ngl these past 2 years have been tough on me, n life fr has been testing me lol but i couldn’t be more grateful for everything i have gone thru for it led me to this moment.

“satuRday” reveals summertime guitar chords, layered with the glitter and sprinkles of metallophones and birds chirping – on point to Mika’s playful side of her brand and sound, complemented by a catchy chorus wrapped in Audrey’s yearning for her significant other on her free Saturday. Audrey sings in her inviting tone, “Give me that good good Saturday sh*t, cherry on top in the cup, cool whip / Whatever you want we can do that b*tch, So come on, come on."

In her first release back, Audrey Mika seems to have nailed the direction for her project moving forward. Picking up right where she left off, listeners get an evolved version of the singer/songwriter, and ultimately a happier Aurey – a win/win situation for the fans and the artist. Audrey claims she won’t be leaving again any time soon, so expect more music from her in the near future.

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