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If you’ve ever found yourself on the singer/songwriter side of TikTok, there’s a solid chance your ears have been blessed by the buttery vocals of Avery Lynch. The 21-year-old Pennsylvania native has made a name for herself this year by delivering heartfelt performances on TikTok, many of which are written based off of comments from her fans.

Today, Avery’s second EP, As Written, Vol. 1, solidifies her as one of the greatest upcoming talents in the industry. Displaying pure empathy through two new fan-requested songs, emotional closure on one new personal ballad, and her raw talent through live versions of her previously released songs – we’re given a window into the natural talent that is Avery .

Your last release before your EP dropped was “Out Of Love With You,” an ode to your first serious relationship. Was it scary to wear your heart on your sleeve and share such personal feelings with the world?

I wrote it a long time ago, and by this point it’s more just a song with words and symbolizes a time in my life, but I don’t feel as connected to it as I did when I wrote it a year and a half ago. It’s more of an opportunity to let go of it and get some sort of closure on the issue. Actually, it’s pretty funny because the guy that it’s about actually reached out to me and jokingly said, “I love the song. You know my address, please send me a royalty check,” so it’s all good now and it really feels like that chapter is over.

Tell me about your other songs – which ones are personal experiences and which ones are taken from your fans?

Honestly, a lot of them aren’t about me. Only four of my releases so far are songs that are about me. All of the others are inspired by ideas that people have sent me. “I Put You First,” “Out Of Love With You,” “Holding My Own Hand,” and “All I Need,” (which is from my new EP), are the only ones that are about my own experiences. Everything else was inspired by my fans and their experiences :) 

Your cover for “Holding My Own Hand” is a picture of you in front of a plane - is there any significance to that?

That photo was taken in Doylestown, PA, my hometown! I think that there’s something so much cooler about little airplanes than commercial ones. They have so much more personality because they’re old, they have one owner, and they really symbolize freedom to me. I also really just liked the colors though haha.

Speaking of your hometown, tell me more about your musical story?

I actually started playing piano when I was six on a toy piano that literally had animal noises on it. When my mom heard me playing actual songs on there she decided to bring me to piano lessons. I was classically trained for some time, but mostly just learned everything by ear. When I was eight, I actually played my cousin’s wedding and had to learn everything by ear… I still think about how brave she was to have me do that.

My singing background started with my parents just putting a shovel into the sand on the beach and pretending it was a microphone. I would just sing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” over and over again. I even started singing it to whoever would come over to my house, whether it be the plumber or the cleaning person, literally whoever would listen to me.

Then in third grade I combined my singing and piano and started writing music! I wrote about things like trees and friends because I literally didn’t know about much else at that point, but as time went on I just kept writing about more relevant things. I started playing shows at restaurants and little venues every week when I was in high school and was inspired to pursue music in college.

Tell me about your college experience and why you decided to transfer from Berklee.

So I went to Berklee for one year but decided to leave because I literally stopped singing and writing music while I was there. It was so weird but I think I was just overwhelmed with the music there and it felt like too much of a forced thing. Now I’m at Suffolk University and feel so much better writing again. Right when I got here and started putting videos on TikTok, I felt inspired to keep going with music.

What’s your proudest moment so far in your journey as a musician? 

I’m super proud of my EP release and, in particular, my song “Holding My Own Hand,” because it felt so incredible to put that project out into the world and have so many people resonate with it. I didn’t have any viral video or anything for that song and it still did so well! So I’m very grateful for everyone who supported it and made one of my dreams become a reality.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a musician for you?

I’ve had a lot of people I don’t know reach out to me and tell me that my music has helped them through something or that it’s taken the words out of their mouth and helped them express something they didn’t know how to express before. It’s definitely an amazing feeling to know that my words can have an impact like that.

In just a few words, how would you describe your new solo sound?

If JP Saxe met Sara Bareilles met Lennon Stella

My piano playing was raised on Sara Bareilles, my songwriting was raised by JP Saxe (because I literally studied it as I was learning to write), and I just love Lennon Stella’s sound, attitude, and energy… so I think it’s a mix of the three. I still don’t really know though, I’m figuring it out as I go along.

Who’s on your bucket list to work with?

JP Saxe, Julia Michaels, Sara Bareilles!

Do you have any advice for other aspiring musicians and songwriters?

This may be cliché because so many people have said this to me before, but really just sing what comes to you. Let your emotions speak for themselves through the music, and just write something that sounds good to you personally. Don’t worry about what other people would want to hear!

In an interview you did with Play Too Much, you said you didn’t have any specific goals for your music career. Has that changed at all? 

I think that’s honestly changed a little since then, because now I have this new sense of competitiveness with myself. I’m just always trying to beat my “last record”. But in contrast, there is definitely still this feeling of just not knowing where I’ll be in a year, or even a month from now. 

Is it a life dream of yours to be a professional musician?

I used to want that when I was younger, but that feeling honestly completely disappeared when I went to Berklee. I even started thinking about being an interior designer or something completely different while I was there. But since then it's sort of shifted back because I’m going to business school now and it sparked my realization that I never want to have a 9-5 corporate job. I love writing music, performing, making and editing my own videos, making album covers, and just the whole process of being a musician, so now I’m finally back on track and pursuing music more seriously!

Tell me about your second EP, As Written, Vol. 1, that you just dropped today!

This EP is really cool because it’s the most I’ve been involved in anything that I’ve ever put out. I wrote and recorded the whole thing in five weeks when I was home for winter break, and was super hands-on with the production of it. Also I was finally able to finish some of the songs I wrote based off of people’s TikTok comments!

I also learned a lot about myself, one thing being that I can eat ice cream and record at the same time – which apparently isn’t possible for everyone because of some weird dairy issue, but luckily I could do it! So just know a couple of the songs were recorded while I was eating ice cream haha.

Do you have favorite songs from the project?

I love “won’t even know it” and “all i need,” which are the last two songs. “won’t even know it” uses VHS audio from my friend and I speaking during my “love me nicely” promo video in the post-chorus and it just has the movie-like feel which I think is so cool. And then “all i need” is “the long distance song” which has been highly requested so I’m really excited to put that out. I’m also really happy about how the vocal harmonies I added last-minute really tied the song together. I didn’t even realize I needed them and I put them in during one of my weekly livestreams… afterwards I realized the song wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t add them. I’m really excited for everyone to hear it.

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