Avry Releases Tranquil New Single, “Figure it Out”

Sundhya Alter

In his most recent release, "Figure it Out," Avry describes the wandering thoughts that often consume us, and the desperate, self-doubt that clouds our otherwise logical judgment. Accompanied by melancholic chords and a slow but moving backtrack, Avry is honest about the difficulties of anxious self-talk, the desire to move forward but being held down by the weight that can prevent us from letting go of our internal insecurities.

The rising artist sits in a mellowed, soft-spoken cadence for the entirety of the song, wavering towards his blissful yet strained tenor register as he approaches the chorus, in a way conveying the struggle of pushing the way forward. While his vocals are subdued, the bass is lifted, constantly in play with one another. The track is a haze of back and forth, at one point Avry attempts to put less pressure on discerning his mind's intrusive thoughts, however soon after he gets caught up in overthinking the consequences of doing such.

"Figure It Out" is Avry’s fifth single this year, each one following a consistent indie pop fusion of sound, passive yet heavy with emotion. With an overarching theme of finding his way through life, Avry addresses music with a rather soothing “fork in the road” mentality, his music becoming the outlet for feeling lost and confused.

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