awfultune Shines On New Track “malware”

Kieran Kohorst

For listeners and artists of this generation alike, music has become a common (yet unsatisfactory) substitute for therapy. On new single "malware"; bedroom-pop artist awfultune courageously takes this sentiment seriously, treating the track like a therapy session with the chorus serving as the overall theme of the otherwise ranting verses. Delivered as though a stream of consciousness, it's easy to imagine awfultune letting out a big exhale before pressing record.

With only a guitar to bear witness to her confessions, awfultune leans further into her indie influences to the track’s benefit. “It's a departure from my recent pop sound and a call back to my indie roots. This song focuses more on my struggles with mental health, specifically the feelings of being extremely self-aware of my issues,” she says. “It's about feeling bad that I don't know how to solve those issues. Some days it really does feel like I have a computer virus in my brain and it’s a super honest song about feeling at fault for it – wishing someone else could run a scan and help me get rid of the unwanted bugs for good."

With the song arrives a music video, presented as both innocent and somewhat haunted through a VHS-tinted lens. Alternating between childhood footage of awfultune and parallels of today, the video captures the singles vulnerability with the unique approach to recording. As she continues to find her voice and grow her music, awfultune proves she’s fearless with her latest release.

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