Ayleen Valentine Blesses Us with Two Singles, “anesthetized” and “stars”

Ian Hansen

Miami’s Ayleen Valentine is what it means to be creative with releasing music, as she just released her first installment of the four part “a/b” series with “a/b__1.” The series is about duality and her versatility as an artist.

The two songs on this first pack are “anesthetized” which is a slower futuristic ballad vibe that contrasts perfectly with the second song, “stars” which is more abstract and upbeat. Both do have commonalities in the raw nature of the songwriting and remarkable harmonies. She utilizes her vocals as an instrument on both of these in the most prime way possible.

“anesthetized” is a love song at its core with a vibrant piano melody with a ghostly lead layered on top. "Is there someone else you f in your bed? Is there someone else you wanted instead?" is one of the many powerful lines bringing a sense of relatability. “stars” takes more of a hyperpop-esque direction with her own delicate spin. This track is about heartbreak as she sings over rumbling basslines and unearthly keys.

It is fair to say Ayleen Valentine’s creativity is through the roof, and she is only 21 years old. She produced both songs — which explains the cohesiveness and authenticity to it — and her songwriting is mature beyond her age. I look forward to the next “a/b” pack, and I am sure it’ll blow my mind away like this one.

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