Band Creatively Combats COVID-19 with Long-Awaited Space Bubble Concert

Audrey Brandes

The Flaming Lips are renowned for their eccentricities, but they have really stepped it up a notch, all the while following Covid-19 safety guidelines.

At their recent show, the psychedelic rock band took the phrase “covid bubble” to a whole new level, having each of their guests fitted in their very own plastic bubbles, complete with a high-frequency speaker, water, fans, towels, and signs to let security know if they needed to exit. Experts are unsure of the actual efficacy of these contraptions in halting the spread of coronavirus, but they seem to fall in line with CDC guidelines. “You roll your bubble to the exit and unzip it at the door,” concert photographer Nathan Poppe explains. When exiting, all 200 attendees were required to wear masks and remain six feet apart. Weird as it is, if this means getting back to live music sooner, a plastic bubble doesn’t sound that bad.

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