Baybe Tone Drops Boisterous New Single, “KNOCK”

Nate Fenningdorf

It’s time to get used to hearing the name Baybe Tone. His new single, “KNOCK,” perfectly shows why he’s destined to make it to the top of the industry. Through banging 808’s, energetic vocals and an extremely clean mix, “KNOCK” truly delivers on all ends.

One of the track's most impressive feats is Baybe Tone’s off-kilter vocal performance. From the beginning of the song, the Jacksonville, Florida rapper flawlessly transitions from a head-bop-inducing, hard flow to whisper rapping. This type of versatility is extremely uncommon to find, and Baybe Tone casually achieves it.

Adding to the overall vibe of the song is the music video. Directed and edited by @shotbycamron and @luey.edits the video has racked up 250k views and over 21k likes on YouTube in well under a month. These stats alone shows why the 21-year-old artist has so much warranted hype around him and his music right now.

Simply put, Baybe Tone is on the verge of a mainstream blow up. Tune in to watch him rise to the top.

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