BEL Sets Her Path Ablaze with Her Latest Single, “Woman on Fire”

Olive Soki
SJ Spreng

Spoken from the perspective of a 21st century woman, it isn’t uncommon to feel as though every step you take out in the world means to walk deeper into a soul sucking vortex. Consumed by masculinity, pending responsibilities, and the plethora of deceiving factors that constitute our reality, it is only natural to seek various ways to reinvigorate your inner fire. This need for replenishment can be soothed in many ways, music being a common and accessible place to start.

As you might find to be true, music has a way of amplifying our thoughts, wants, and worries, eventually jumpstarting healing and contentment processes. Taking a stab at completing all of the above, with the final goal of reinvigorating her inner-self, BEL shares her latest single, “Woman on Fire.”

Like a phoenix rising from the remnants of deception (to the sound of revengeful guitars and conspiring vocals), “Woman on Fire,” sees BEL re-emerge scarlet and stronger than ever. Having reacquainted herself with her fire, she sheds the past's darkness, while chanting a refrain of disinterest towards dimming and light consuming entities (“I’m a woman on fire / I don’t need your desire”).

Speaking of the single BEL shares the following, “I wrote this song about being tired of finding myself in situations that dimmed my light. I wanted a way to celebrate healing and feel empowered in my body after having some traumatic experiences. It’s a song to remind me of my worth in those inevitable moments when I don’t feel as confident.”

Sung with the vigor of a young ‘Global Session’ era Sheryl Crow, paired with BEL’s usual lyrical sensibilities, the songstress has delivered exceedingly well on all things ‌self advocacy, healing, and confidence.

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