Best Buy and Apple Music Partner for Deals

Noah Schwartz

Best Buy has been offering four-month free trials of Apple Music to its customers. Considering the heavy competition Apple Music now faces with all of the other streaming platforms available, the offer has been extended an extra two months for new subscribers. It’s not uncommon for Apple and other large companies to offer free trials as a customer acquisition method, but this is one is certainly generous. It almost seems too good to be true so here comes the catch.

The Best Buy Apple Music free trial is only valid for new subscribers only. You will also need to make a purchase at Best Buy to be eligible for the deal. Clearly free trials do work and has been an effective strategy for gaining new customers but this seems like a sloppy way to bring people to Apple Music. 6 months of free music is great but once that ends, I have a feeling people will return to their normal listening habits. Either way, if you don’t currently have a music subscription and you’re shopping at Best Buy keep this offer in mind.

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