BIGBABYGUCCI’s Creativity Shines with 'Iridesense' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

If one word could be used to describe BIGBABYGUCCI it would be consistency. Releasing three hot projects in 2021, Gucci solidified himself as an artist who cranks out bangers faster than anyone else in the industry. As soon as 2022 started up, he kept that momentum going, releasing his first album of the year, Iridesense, on January 7th.

The project is short, with eight songs making it just 16 minutes, but it does not feel like it. Every song has its own sound, creating a dense myriad of atmospheres and stories to lock in on and enjoy. This is proven right away with “Robocop,” a staple track highlighting BIBGBABYGUCCI's unique sound (which is beginning to feel like its own subgenre of hip-hop). The track begins with a pitch automation leading into an infectious chorus heavily distorted bass and piercing synth lines. 

The next track, “Lake Minnetonka,” is the epitome of how creative BIGBABYGUCCI is. The arpeggiated synth that pans through the headphones is a highlight of the track along with probably some of the best flows I’ve heard from him. “Attachment” brings more of those impressive flows, layered synths, and distorted vocals that had me jump out of my chair and jumping around my room like I was at a concert.

He takes a step in a more relaxing direction and showcases his higher registers with “Late Nite Lovers” and shows once again how versatile he is. He returns to form with “Jump” in the next track. The title fits the track perfectly, as it probably has the most energy on the project that is certainly meant for shows. The final track, “Christina Milian” is the perfect outro, as he dives into that hyper pop style that is taking the genre by storm in the underground.

After listening to Iridesense, it is confirmed, as if there wasn’t a doubt, that BIGBABYGUCCI could and most likely will make the jump into mainstream music in 2022. He is different – and has all of the tools for success.

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