Bill Waters Adds to the Colt Classic Chronicles With His New Single, “How to Love Both of You”

Olive Soki

When at the core of the confusing labyrinth of romance, or any situation for that matter, the best thing you can do to get to the heart of it all is to write out your thoughts. Not only will this allow you to let go of all those heavy emotions, but you’ll also get the opportunity to retrace your steps, gain perspective, and map out your next move. Demonstrating the cathartic power of ink, Bill Waters’ single “How To Love Both Of You" delves into one chapter of his upcoming EPs protagonist's journey as they navigate love, life, and everything in between.

Speaking on the bigger themes interwoven in his upcoming EP (due for January), Colt Classic Bill shares, “The EP (Colt Classic) is essentially the journal of this characters endeavors over the past year, some issues with substance abuse, and the overall act of trying to ethically navigate polyamory in New York City.” Dynamic and impeccably synth-infused, “How To Love Both Of You” truly speaks to this quest with a pinch of humor. From lyrics like “you and migraine...” to choruses which almost act as a mental note to, as Bill puts it “love both of you,” the story truly paints itself. Listening to it you can practically picture the protagonist racking their brains to figure out how to balance this unfamiliar dynamic, while also finding pockets of bliss in those fluorescent instrumental breaks.

Slowly working his way through the chapters that will soon shape up to be the entirety of Colt Classic (due in the new year), Bill cordially invites us to tune into his enigmatic musical saga — and perhaps solve a couple puzzles of our own along the way.

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