BIZZY Relishes in Romantic Limbo With Her Latest Single, “My Age”

Olive Soki
Credit: Alex Berger

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” While it is often used in the context of food, the same can be said about the music we consume and the ways in which it shapes how artists interact and create music of their own. A lifelong Taylor Swift, Nashville's indie pop songstress, BIZZY, seems to have taken a note or two on storytelling from the queen herself. Back in 2022 she struck a chord with more than a few listeners across platforms with her single “Anybody,” and this summer she is back with another impossibly relatable single titled “My Age.”

Anthemic and on point, “My Age” paints an awfully accurate picture of the in-betweens of dating as a twenty-something. Infatuation, intellectual seduction, and mystery galore, BIZZY explores the dynamics at play when in an age-gap relationship. As she shimmies along the tight-rope of romance and intrigue, she questions whether or not their relationship would have been the same if the roles were reversed. Sung rather passionately “My Age” is an infectiously witty single that is sure to strike a chord with anybody trying to navigate romance in their twenties.

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