Boy Willows Delivers Another Heart-Warming Single, “It’s Good You’re Not a Ghost”

Olive Soki

Back with a new single titled, "It's Good You're Not a Ghost," Landon (Boy Willows) carries on the same warmth felt in his previous single “Hold Me Like I’m One Of a Kind” recognizing the importance of kinship. Calmingly speaking from the heart, he uses familiar and grounding elements, to create another endearing and eye-watering track.

Every masterpiece has its conceptual origins. In the case of Landon's, it all started with a simple image. Speaking on the idea that brought "It's Good You're Not a Ghost" to life the singer says, "[It] started with an image of water being poured into cupped hands, flowing over and being caught by another pair of cupped hands below." Seeing that the soft and consistent pitter patter immediately came to mind when I first heard the song, I'd say he hit it right on the nail.

Comforting and serene, the single is an ode to the people in our lives there to catch our occasional spills. Emotional or physical, support is always appreciated and slightly underrated. Aware of this fact, Landon offers a graceful tune extending his gratitude to his other half. Shifting between ambiently harmonious choruses and soft-spoken verses of recognition, "It's Good You're Not a Ghost" feels like you are floating in a creek – sun-kissed and everything – thinking of all the people who brighten your cloudy days.

Whether you're looking to spend some reflective time alone, or the perfect opener for a playlist to your special person, this song is just what you need to put your thoughts into words.

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