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Bryansanon isn't just an artist with a hit record. This creative force from Atlanta can dance, craft stunning visuals, and most importantly, make a positive difference in the world. Bryansanon's "MOVE YO BODY" took the Billboard charts by storm, racking up over 30 million Spotify streams combined between the sped-up and original versions. The catchy tune, fueled by a viral dance and over 14 million likes on Tik Tok, sparked a movement that shows no signs of slowing down. He just dropped his equally infectious follow-up track, "LEMME TALK TO EM," proving he's here to stay. Learn more about Bryansanon below: 

Take me from the beginning to when you began making music and the whole world you have created behind it? 

I’d say the beginning was during quarantine in 2020.

It exploded with “MOVE YO BODY.” Take me through how you have taken in the success that has come from it? 

To be honest, I have always been the type of person where creatively my brain doesn’t turn off. When it comes to music, it was never something that I initially wanted to do. The reason I started making music was because I was making so much dance choreography on Tik Tok. A lot of times my choreography would get stolen or I wouldn’t get credit for it. One day my homie was like, “You should make a song.” I was like, “Alright cool, I will give it a try.” I remember being in the shower coming up with the simplest things. I would make a song called “Pull up” or a song that instructs you how to move. I was making songs about how I felt at the moment. I realized music was just a soundtrack to the current state I was in. The craziest thing about music is I didn’t realize that in the universe, we don’t all get to meet, but we are all connected. We are all on our phones. If I feel this way now, there are probably thousands of other people that feel that way too. Music is something that allows me to connect the piece of me to people. I was already moving people through dance. I realized with words it was a lot deeper. It put me in a different tier because I can make these soundtracks to how I feel. “MOVE YO BODY” was a song I made one night on the phone with a girl. I remember hearing the beat, I instantly heard the hook because the melody was there. I remember at the time, I was listening to pinkpantheress and a lot of melodic artists. I just rode the melody, but I made the song so quickly and was like, “This might suck.” The song took 30 minutes and to me it was special. I heard nothing wrong with it. I am usually so critical, but I knew I did what I was supposed to do. I held the song for a little while and my homie told me he kept singing the song in his head. I was like, “Okay, I’ll show it on Tik Tok.” Now it is on Billboard and everything changed.

After Covid, everyone wants to move their body. It is catchy.

I have so much energy. For the songs I make, I want people to shake. I want people to dance. I want people to have fun. My whole thing is that I am an artist, and I am going to be honest with who I am. If I want to get on stage and dance, that is the type of music I will make. “Move Yo Body” is a soundtrack to me. To see what it is doing now is a dream come true. 

How do you plan to incorporate it with the shows? That is about to be crazy.

I didn’t cuss at all. It will be able to reach multiple demographics and age groups. I feel like the song also has a lot of influence from different things. The synths are very Russian influenced. But there is also the Jersey feel to it. The hook is so simple and let me make a dance that has a visual. I see how viral it went, and once I do the dance, people will just do it because it is attached to the song. It is fun. 

There is the visual aspect to it like the movie theater scene you did. How do you come up with that, and how important is that to you?

When I made the song, I knew I wanted color. I started reminiscing about my life and two years ago, I couldn’t get a job at a movie theater. I always wanted to work at the theaters but couldn’t get the job. I thought doing the video at the movies would be full circle. I do a big celebration at the movies. I grew up on Drake and Josh and Nickelodeon. I wanted to introduce that feeling to a new generation. If I could have anything go viral in a big way, I am so glad it is that. I am proud of it. It is so organic to me. One of the best things about my music is when kids tell me they bump it before school. I remember being on the bus before school bumping Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, and everyone coming up in 2013-2014. If I can make soundtracks to make people feel better, that is the point. 

You answered my next question which is what you want fans to grasp from your art.

One thing I want people to understand from me is that there are no limitations to anything, I am being recognized as an artist right now, and I love it and am so grateful, but that is not something I wanted a few years ago. It is something I stumbled upon. I am an actor as well as a dancer. A lot of times you can get clouded by the world, but you can be anything. Just do it. I want to make all types of art to where people are like, “He can do everything.” If you aren’t a dancer, I want you to dance. If you aren’t into music videos, I want you to watch the videos. I want to introduce people to things that they aren’t always open to. I feel like the visuals and the music have two different feelings. 

What is the ultimate goal with this? Where do you want to take this?

I have inspirations like Donald Glover and Tyler, The Creator. It is an opening for other avenues for me. While I am young and can move and can run around the world, I will keep making music. When I am old and my back starts to hurt, I will start to do movies. I will convert that into clothing brands. I want to make as much of an impact on the world that I can. When it comes to art, I always feel like it is a gift. I am never the type of person that is like, “This is what I do.” I have always been able to do everything. I want to convert my music into my other passions. I want to do everything that is fun. When my time is over there will be another generation I can co-sign. I will tell you one thing, my family is from Haiti, and I want to help out. I want to build schools and stuff like that. Haiti has my whole heart. My mom took me to Haiti when I was 15 and it changed my whole view on life. I used to make excuses for things I don’t have and then I realized having a phone is crazy. That’s another thing I love about music is seeing the world. It gives me perspective. When you have perspective, it gives you such an advantage in life. That is why I feel limitless. 

You also just released a new fire song, “LEMME TALK TO EM.” Take me through how that came together.

That song is really just about wanting to be heard. When I made that song, I was in a space where I wanted to bang on a table and kick the door down. The song is so funny because I went through a phase where my views were low. When I made “MOVE YO BODY,” it felt like I was being let out of the zoo. So I was like let me talk to them. I was like, “If I have a moment, let me really speak.” I’ll listen to “LEMME TALK TO EM” before the gym or when I need to lock in. It is another soundtrack to how I feel.

Last question – How do you want to be remembered when it is all said and done?

I want to be remembered as someone who did what he wanted to do. Not only did he do what he wanted to do, but he did it the right way. It isn’t even about me. I am so happy that I am getting eyes on me, but it is so much bigger than me. Life is better shared. Being able to do the things that make me happy and make an impact and progress the world the right way.  

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