Calabasas Returns with Their Highly Anticipated “Gentle” with Trinidad Cardona

Ian Hansen

I have been a long-time fan of the talented duo, Calabasas, and the wait for new music has finally ended with the release of their captivating track "Gentle," featuring the incredible Trinidad Cardona.

The collaboration between Trinidad Cardona, Watrcup, and Franskiiz showcases their undeniable hit making ability. The infectious chorus delivered by Trinidad Cardona perfectly complements the verses contributed by Watrcup and Franskiiz, creating a dynamic blend that is bound to captivate audiences worldwide. And as always, Franskiiz's production is a masterclass, with looping synths throughout the track bringing a delightful disco-inspired vibe, adding a unique and catchy element to the overall sound. It's only a matter of time before this song takes the world by storm.

The return of Calabasas and their release of "Gentle" has me excited. This is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a monumental year for the duo in 2023. I eagerly anticipate further collaborations between Calabasas and Trinidad Cardona, as this song is a pure blissful experience.

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