Cautious Clay Launches Debut Album, 'Deadpan Love' [Album Review]

Rachel Guttman

Brooklyn-native, Cautious Clay, recently made his Sheesh debut in April when he announced the release date of his highly anticipated first full-length project, Deadpan Love, which has now officially been unleashed. Cautious Clay, otherwise known as Joshua Karpeh, has been taking audiences worldwide by pleasant surprise with his infectious, sophisticated sound, impressive instrumentals, and charming R&B vocals.

The 14-track full-length record investigates Josh’s holistic approach to dealing with his life experiences and takes a journey into “exploring his personal identity” and “dealing with relationships.” Josh shared that, “Deadpan Love is how I define my identify and how it manifests.” The individual songs all contain a diverse assortment of melodic instruments such as saxophone and flute played by Josh himself: in addition, the chord-driven piano and guitar build on the other instruments to develop the tracks to all portray his smooth and blissful style.

If this project is any indication of Josh’s talent and his future as a musician, his career is looking bright and prosperous. Listen to Deadpan Love below:

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