Chad Nelson Looks for “Silver Linings” on Latest Project 'Trials'

Kieran Kohorst

In an unforgiving industry, you can either take things incredibly personal or use it as motivation. As an expression of the latter, New Jersey’s Chad Nelson accepts the pressures of success throughout his seven-track EP, Trials. He also displays the traits that have put him in position to be a breakthrough artist: creative lyricism, moving melodies, and a focused vision. Most exemplifying these characteristics is “Silver Linings,” where Nelson reflects on the trials he’s overcome and prepares for what’s to come next: “Weight of the world, got me carrying on the road / show me the way I need to go / I gotta break the silver lining, I need to grow.”

The growth mentality Nelson references in “Silver Linings” is one he has been practicing for years now. After writing poems that reflected on his surroundings, Nelson wrote his first song at 14. Realizing his passion and talent for music, he has made a determined rise through the release of singles and EP’s in recent years. Much of his music has been inspired by the adversity of his personal life and journey in the music industry; the promise of Trials is likely to eliminate at least some of the struggle of finding success in music.

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