Chance Peña Faces Reality with New EP ‘Lovers to Strangers’ [EP Review]

Jacob Carte

If you haven’t thought about your ex yet today, Chance Peña is about to change that. His latest EP Lovers to Strangers expresses the struggle of coping with the end of a relationship while simultaneously feeling overwhelmingly heartbroken. The four song EP highlights this internal battle that many of us have fought but hearing “cause I’m better off without you” in “Lovers to Strangers” is an apt reminder not to look back. The EP is filled with the melodic folk sound we have grown accustomed to with Peña, but the instrumental mix of strings and drums calls for a glass of red wine to ensure you feel all the feels.

Peña started 2023 with jams like “Bleeding Out” and “Highs & Lows” and had left his cult following hungry for more. Though I had some hope that love was working out for Chance with “Highs & Lows,” he has returned with three more heartbreakers. “Long Lost Lover” and “break up song” both tell stories of a former lover who is very obviously no longer in the picture. Leaving one serious question – who hurt this man? This mystery woman has taken a toll on Chance, but from all his fanbase, thank you for inspiring some of the most powerful music of the year. 

In just two months, Chance has gained a million more monthly listeners on Spotify. With that momentum and the release of this EP, there is no telling what his limit is, but for now; sit down, strap in, and enjoy Lovers to Strangers.

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