Charles On TV Tackles His “Quarter Century” Queries

Olive Soki
Photo Credit: Gus Aronson

If there is anything everybody can relate to on some level it's the infamous 20-something crisis. Accentuated by existentialism, self-comparison and an overall sentiment of dread, it’s hard not to get caught up in the thick of it all. Making the best out of a quarter life crisis, New York native singer-songwriter, Charles On TV delivers an anthem exploring the ins and outs of his “Quarter Century.

Embellished with smooth and far away instrumentation, “Quarter Century” gives Charles a chance to walk us through some of his personal disquiets; nostalgia, the passing of time, and the endless pursuit of purpose – just to name a few. Sung rather smoothly with a slightly idyllic tone, almost like he’s trying to solve all his queries in real time, “Quarter Century'' speaks to all of our inner existentialists, while reminding us of the validity of our doubts.

Accompanying the new single, Charles has also treated us to an equally soothing music video directed by Dylan Siegel. Filled with peaceful sunsets and breathtaking landscapes, the music video almost accentuates the vastness of our world, reminding us of all the questions, big and small, we’ve yet to answer for ourselves.

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