Chesle’s Having Fun, And He’s Not Done Yet

Josh Zaucha

Somehow, someway, Chesle’s new release “batshit” makes the disorienting, hangover-prone life of a disappointed twenty-something sound candy-sweet. Maybe it’s the screamably-catchy hook. Or, maybe it’s the realization that for some of us, it’s real life! Whatever it is, “batshit” is a hit and the latest from Chesle since his last single “Charlie!”  

With this new release, Chesle weaves the tension of the problems we can’t outrun with a cathartic pop track built for a summer of questionable decisions. It raises the question that faces everyone as we get older and the party is getting late: “Has it been enough?” 

For Chesle, the answer is “No.” And, based on this record, it sounds like he’s having fun along the way (“I guess the twenties been roarin’, but it’s not enough!”). “batshit” features punchy vocals with a little angst from Chesle, which add to the sense of desperate youth around which the song is built. But at the end of the day, it’s still a song so infectiously catchy that it sounds less like desperation and more like freedom. 

I’m not here to say that the best way to handle problems is to “drink them up.” But Chesle’s new track is the song to scream with your friends if you are. And it’s not one I’m going to be putting down anytime soon.

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