CHOSZN Elevates Popular Track "DIAMOND" with New Feature from TheARTi$t

Milly Wensley

If you’re a fan of passionate soulful R&B similar to the likes of Daniel Ceaser and Giveon, then this latest track from CHOSZN is right for you. Enlisting TheARTI$t as a collaborator, CHOSZN remixed his widely successful single released earlier this year "Diamond (I need love)." CHOSZN comes from a church background, growing up as a musically inclined pastor's child his music stems from a classic soul sound. With a gift for music and storytelling, he felt he was "chosen" and blessed by God, hence the name.

Delving into his latest release let’s discuss the storyline. CHOSZN recounts a deep desire for love written from his experience early in the year. Inspired by a time when he was down and in need of genuine connection, he used this song to express himself. Lyrically, CHOSZN expresses how he shows love and values his partner, whilst claiming “I need love, love, love” in the chorus. The remix features a female R&B vocal from TheARTI$t which adds another layer of emotion to the track.

This collaboration was executed effortlessly as the pair complemented each other seamlessly. I love how CHOSZN was able to take a track that had already seen success and level it up even further. The track is gentle, deep, and a true reflection of what R&B has always stood for. The level of storytelling and openness that CHOSZN delivers truly opens your eyes and ears to his world. This track allows listeners to find comfort in a shared experience and relate to CHOSZN on a personal level.

Outside of the "Diamond (I need love)" remix, CHOSZN has a wide variety of tracks spanning multiple genres for you to explore. He thrives on sharing himself through music and lyrics, truly honing in on the artistic side of storytelling. Whether you prefer a romantic R&B tune or an alternative hip-hop track, CHOSZN has delivered something you’d want on your playlist. Start here with "Diamond (I need love)" and begin familiarizing yourself with one of the future stars of R&B.

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