Chri$tian Gate$ Starts off the Year Strong With New Single, “ARSON”

Olive Soki

Adding to an extensive track record of songs depicting vulnerability and toxic relationship arcs, Chri$tian Gate$ delivers his latest single titled “ARSON.” Playful at first listen, yet littered with a rather descriptive revenge plot, “Arson” explores what comes after love goes awry. The sequence goes a little like this; hurtful words are exchanged, blame is shifted back and forth, and the next thing you know, “here comes the smoke and the fire.”  As the story progresses we slowly step away from its initial playfulness and step into the chorus, which delivers well on all things concerning intensity and fire.

Marking a solid start to 2023, Gate$ is also due to perform in both New York City (Mercury Lounge) and Chicago (Subterranean).

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