Cody Ko Is My Favorite YouTube Musician And Here's Why

Riley Furey

You are lying to yourself if you say you haven't heard a song and said under your breath, “making music can’t be that hard.” While some of us let that idea fall to the wayside, Cody Ko actually took a step to try it for himself. And admittedly, it’s pretty good.

“Not Going Home” follows on the trend of his comedic content that he puts out on Youtube, and even though he is now a 32 year old man with a kid on the way, he made a song about staying in the club until he is the last person on the dance floor. While some people get caught up in taking things too seriously, it’s clear that Cody is making music because he cares about it and just wants to learn how to work in another medium.

There are a lot of YouTube personalities who have taken a step into making music, and it’s hard not to argue that Cody Ko is doing it better than a lot of them. Few bridge the gap of making music more meaningful than their other content, so why try to do that in the first place?

At the end of the day I can’t say this is my favorite song ever, but I can undoubtedly say that it will be going into a few of my playlists where it makes sense. It’s easy to think that everything we create should have our deepest emotions attached to it, but sometimes it’s better to just have fun with life and to try something new.

No matter what you think of all of this, it did lead him to opening for his friend Dillon Francis and kickstarted a budding career as a DJ. You can listen to his new single "Not Going Home" with Sunday Scaries to build your own opinion on the matter below.

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