Calling All Independent Artists, Corite Is Here to Amplify Your Next Release


As an independent artist in 2022, there are more ways than ever before to directly access fans without the need for a major label backing you. As encouraging as this is, that also means there are even more options to sift through to ultimately decide on what is the best move for you. Whether you are looking for funding, marketing help, distribution, or any of the other imperative tools artists utilize to break through the noise, Corite is a one-stop-shop that is here to help.

Corite is excited to announce the launch of the Corite Amped program; an open artist submission competition, providing artists from all regions and genres, the opportunity to be amplified for free with Corite’s entire offering of services such as distribution, social media marketing, advertising and promotion, a global PR campaign, bespoke NFT project, and royalty advance.

Corite believes that the future of the music industry will be driven by Fan Power, where fans can support their favorite artists’ upcoming releases, and share the success when it is streamed. By connecting artists more closely with their fans, Corite is creating a more mutually beneficial music industry ecosystem that is ruled by artists, and powered by their fans.

Selected Corite Amped artists will receive:

  • Free Distribution
  • Free PR Campaign
  • Free Social Media Marketing
  • Free Playlist Pitching
  • Free NFT Project
  • Royalty Advance

Submit your application now, and amplify your next release with Corite! To learn more about Corite’s other offerings, visit their website.

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