danny orange Brings Creative Confidence In "Juice"

Miles Opton

Daniel Jordan K kickstarted his artistic career with a vision called Overcast, an Arizona-based video production company sporting a new wave of clean and creative direction, paired with some of the top trending hyper-pop artists of the past five years. Upon collecting over 12 million views on YouTube within a few years, many, myself included, could’ve sworn Daniel was set with his ventures. We were all wrong. 

Daniel Jordan proved to us once more that his creativity extends beyond imaginable heights by pursuing a new venture as a musician under the alias danny orange. Kicking off with the release of “Expensive,” a colorful indie-alternative single in September of 2020, danny orange stepped into the lens for the first time. Today, he returns with “Juice,” a wavey guitar-driven track animating his vision more clearly. We’re beginning to see the full picture of who danny orange is and there’s nothing not to like. 

A music video has not officially dropped for “Juice,” but two short teasers posted to both the danny orange and Overcast instagram give us an inside peek into the orange-brushed vision we may soon receive. Keep an eye out for everything danny orange has to come as it’s never short of unreal.

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