DejaVilla Releases New Alluring R&B Single, “In the Morning”

Rachel Guttman

R&B duo, DejaVilla, is comprised of musicians David Marston and Sarah Couch. The Jamaican natives utilize rhythmic electronica sounds combined with musical elements drawn from inspiration throughout the world. Still, Sarah and David garner much of their artistic inspiration from their home country of Jamaica. Last week, DejaVilla released their new track, “In the Morning,” which features the beautiful vocals of Shanique Marie. “In the Morning” is one of the singles leading up to their highly anticipated album, Castle with a View.

“In the Morning” is a smooth, seductive track that has unquestionably defined DejaVilla’s R&B label to their listeners. It is blissfully tranquil, incorporating layered guitar riffs and charming vocals from both Sarah Couch and Shanique Marie. David Marston of DejaVilla tells us, “this song has special meaning to me as it is the first beat I made when I started producing during my first year of University.” He also describes that, “it has evolved a great deal over the years from its original formulation, but I am really happy with how it has taken shape as a DejaVilla song.” The piece combines elements of soul with sensuality to create a calming feeling that rests gently upon its listeners ears. The slow tempo of the track paired with Sarah and Shanique’s perfectly serene vocals elicit feelings of happiness and relief.

“In the Morning” has set the tone for this duo, and I’m looking forward to the drop of their upcoming album, Castle with a View.

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