dev soter and STEFAN THEV Combine for Dynamic New Single, "WASTED"

Freddie Fine

It is amazing to see two of your favorite rising artists collaborate on a song, and much to my enjoyment dev soter and STEFAN THEV did just that on their new single, “WASTED.” It comes at a perfect time, as they are both set to open for poptropicaslutz! at the Cambridge, Massachusetts stop of their May tour.

“WASTED” contains quite the soundscape, a blend of a high octane instrumental and distortion riddled vocals. Constant ad libs throughout the verses highlights the never dying energy, while dev and THEV’s ability to seamlessly flow in and out of each other adds to what is certainly an exciting listen. However, amidst this is a much darker message, as the duo explore going through a struggling time in one’s life – heartbreak. They explore feeling used in a relationship, leading to the point where they are on the brink of resorting to getting wasted to drown their emotions.

“WASTED” is a powerful listen on all accounts, and hopefully just a taster of what is to come from dev soter and STEFAN THEV. Check out the new drop below:

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