Devon Again’s Angelic Vocals Highlight in “gum”

Ian Hansen

There is something about Devon Again’s voice that brings comfort and the feeling that everything is okay. Her ethereal vocals and beautiful songwriting always brings me back to her music, and yet again, both “gum v6.4” and “gum v9.1” will be in rotation.

The differences between the two is that 6.4 has a bit of a longer ending that is braggadocious with rumbling bass lines and distortion sprinkled throughout, with a breathtaking transition into 9.1 that begins with an ambient verse that leads into the same chorus. The arrangement of the two tracks is genius, and what music needs more of.

Devon Again adds a refreshing spark to music right now and each song seems to one-up the next. I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow her artistry, and there is a reason she continues to build her fanbase.

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