Devon Paints a Picture of Glamour and Profusion with His Latest Track “ONCE UPON A LINE”

Olive Soki
Joe Howat

Where there is freedom follows some form of excess. This along with bigger questions concerning fame, desire, and what could happen once you achieve all of your wildest dreams were all prompts that inspired Gloucesterhire’s Devon on his latest track “ONCE UPON A LINE.”

Speaking on the song in question, Devon shares the following, “Often when people get something they didn’t previously have, be that money, attention, whatever, they might go overboard with it until it becomes unhealthy because they were deprived of it before. This song is like an exaggerated version of that for me.”

Delivering on the supposed darkness found on the other side of excess, the track starts off with a gritty electronic effect, creating a foundation for the story to come. Describing a glamorous and progressively deceiving picture of Holywood, Devon unfolds a story that might not necessarily be too far from the truth. While the verses are submerged with grim imagery and internal reflections, and the choruses ooze of this sense of assumption, the bridge serves as a light that illuminates the fog, which lies between the two extremes. Narrative driven and exquisitely experimental “ONCE UPON A LINE” possesses the right quality to make its way into your next playlist.

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