DJ Mode Announced For Amazon Music - Features Billie Eilish Curated Station

Carter Fife

While Spotify and Apple Music compete for the DSP crown, Amazon Music is quietly introducing new features that make it a more competitive platform. This week Amazon music announces DJ Mode, a new feature that lends a new sense of curation and control to the music streaming site. DJ Mode includes new stations devoted to genres like hip-hop and pop, but they are curated by DJs and provide musical insight from both its heavyweights and its influencers. In addition to the occasional drop-in from major artists, Alexa will also provide music facts and trivia - likely to emulate radio itself.

Beginning today, fans are able to opt into these stations that not only include personalized sequencing for the listener, but also musical storytelling and commentary. Artists are even given the chance to take the reins for DJ Mode, as Billie Eilish even shares her own influences, favorite songs, and stories in The Billie Eilish Takeover. To begin listening today, Prime Members and Amazon Music subscribers can opt in via Alexa in the previously announced Car Mode. Though Amazon Music may not have the user base of Spotify or Apple Music - it seems likely that with new features and artist co-signs like these, it’s only a matter of time until Amazon Music becomes a serious contender.

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