Dora Jar Spoils Us Rotten with Her New Single “It’s Random”

Olive Soki

You know when you discover a new artist and can’t seem to stop listening to that one song of theirs for weeks on end? That’s how I‌ felt about Dora Jar’s song “Lagoon.” So, you can imagine how happy I was when she logged onto Twitter Sunday afternoon and made this mysterious announcement, “I drop a song tomorrow ok?”

“It's Random” is the perfect track to accompany your daily pondering sessions, something we’ve all experienced throughout the pandemic. Opposed to “Lagoon," which evokes those itchy feelings of desire felt when caught in the whirlwind of unrequited love, “It's Random” attempts to translate the chaotic and scattered nature of life when faced with those instances of isolation. Left to our own devices, with everything and nothing left to do, our minds are capable of creating worlds of their own, something Dora has proven to be wonderfully true with her new single.

Starting off with a soft and inviting guitar riff, the song quickly takes a turn in the chorus, expanding her distorted world of wonders with electric guitars. Riddled with short harmonies, trinkets, and whispers – all of which contribute to the musical soundscape in many ways – “It’s Random” feels like a gift that keeps on giving. Though things may be random and rotten, one thing is for sure, this song is ridiculously good.

Fresh off of Billie Eilish’s tour, where she opened seven shows for the 20 year old singer, “It’s Random” marks the end of the wait for her upcoming EP Comfortably in Pain, coming out March 4th. While we count down the days until this exciting release, I am more than willing to put all of my finest eggs in Dora’s basket.

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